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Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences.



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Attorneys are a wonderful resource to help you resolve a domestic dispute, whether it be an initial divorce action, a modification or a contempt issue. Knowing when to set the mediation is an important component to success in resolving any dispute.  Private mediation with Attorneys can range from before a case is filed right up to moments before a court hearing, and a few points in between.  For example…..  


Parties and attorneys believe that a mediation session prior to a court filing would be productive and possibly lead to an agreement before any legal action is taken.  In these instances when an agreement is reached the settlement terms can then be provided to the court as an uncontested/consent agreement between the parties.


Even if the court has not ordered you to mediation it can still be the better option when both sides are willing to explore alternatives.  Sometimes the courts’ timing doesn’t match well with yours; attending the session on your own, when you and the other side are ready, can be set when it makes sense to meet.


Truly at any time during the dispute mediation can be set.  Remember, even if you attend mediation and do not reach an agreement, there is no downside. 

For any of these options, your attorney can explain when and why mediation, on your own time frame, can be a more productive an efficient option.

Private Mediation with Attorneys