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Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences.



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Reviews and Testimonials

Andy excels as a mediator in both private and court-mandated mediations. He brings many talents to the mediation table including common sense, practical knowledge, solid business experience and an exceptional ability to build rapport with both disputing parties and attorneys. Dedicated and skillful, he brings a high degree of commitment and professionalism to whatever case he is working on.”

~ JoAnne Donner, President, Mediation Services of Georgia, Inc.

 “Andy is an excellent mediator. I have used him on several occasions in the context of domestic litigation. He is a great listener and a creative problem solver, which are excellent attributes in this area of litigation. Andy has helped to resolve several of my client's cases using creative problem solving techniques. I would highly recommend Andy.”

~ Kevin Mammola, Attorney, Cordell and Cordell

“Andy Flink has a knack for domestic mediation. He has served as a mediator for many of our cases, for many of our attorneys. He is respectful and professional and keeps the matter moving forward. I would recommend him highly as a mediator for any family law related matter."

~ Randy Kessler, Kessler & Solomiany

“I will always be grateful and appreciative for all that Andy did for us in trying to navigate through a separation and divorce. Hiring Andy to handle mediation helped make the process much less painful and kept things very amicable. Andy worked great with each of us, heard what we both wanted and needed, and was able to present and ultimately write an agreement we both could agree on. In addition to saving us thousands of dollars in legal fees, it saved us much emotional distress because having Andy rather than an attorney convey things made this much easier to work through. I would highly recommend (and have recommended to others) using Andy for mediation services.” 

~ Client in private mediation

"Andy is a great mediator and really helped resolve a contested custody case that both the opposing attorney and I were sure would go to trial. He was mindful of the needs of each party and helped my client feel that her voice was being heard, as well as helped her recognize the reality of co-parenting in a divorce situation. In the end, we had both parents taking active parts in their children's lives. We could not have resolved the case without Andy's expertise. Thanks!"

~ Joy Edwards, The Edwards Law Group, LLC

“This law firm handles complex high-asset divorce cases.  We have recently conducted mediation on a difficult case with Andy Flink as the mediator.  Andy was able to move the parties toward resolution where past attempts had failed.  He has a complete grasp of complex issues and displays a combination of intelligence, empathy, and the ability to get the parties to settlement of the issues.  I highly recommend Mr. Flink and will not hesitate to use him in mediating future complex issues.”

~ Bill Ordway, Attorney, The Ordway Law Group

“Andy Flink served as the mediator for one of my recent contentious divorce cases involving children.  Andy handled the mediation with compassion toward all parties, while moving efficiently through hot-button issues.  One of Andy’s greatest strengths is his ability to listen carefully to both the financial and emotional needs of the parties and to steer them toward an agreement that simultaneously meets those needs.  In my mediation, Andy’s ability to hone in on each party’s needs and his ability to think outside the box to craft creative solutions resulted in all parties leaving the mediation feeling like winners.  I highly recommend Andy Flink as a knowledgeable, compassionate, efficient, and results-driven mediator.” 

~ Carrie A. Hackett, Attorney, Boyd Law Group, LLC

"As an attorney who represents clients in domestic relations cases, it is important to have a mediator who is willing to get the parties to agree on a workable compromise. I have found that often mediators will simply listen to the parties and their attorneys and just give up quickly and just let the parties go to trial to resolve their differences. In the cases in which Andy Flink has served as my mediator, he has made it a point to listen to both sides and constantly work to reach a reasonable solution no matter how stubborn a party can be. In the end, we have a settlement in place that represents the interests of the parties to their satisfaction and that is thanks in no small part to the skills of Andy Flink. I would highly recommend Andy for my next domestic relations mediation."

~ Brandon Cline, Brandon A Cline Esq LLC

"Mr. Flink provided stellar mediation services for my case. It was a very contentious case, filled with complex asset and property issues. Mr. Flink was able to successfully narrow down the issues and slowly guide both parties to an agreement. Neither party came to the mediation with their mind on settling, but Mr. Flink was able to make several points that encouraged the parties' to be resolute. In the end … literally at the end, an agreement was struck. My client has been very happy with the results and I imagine the opposing counsel has been enjoying the closure she desired. I strongly recommend using Andy Flink as a mediator."

~ Jeremy Abernathy, The Manely Firm P.C.

"It was my pleasure to have had Andy Flink as the Mediator in what started out as a very contentious Modification of Custody and Child Support matter. When we began I thought we had a very slim chance of settling the dispute without a full blown trial. As we progressed I felt that "slim" left town. Andy hung in there and in spite of the parties' emotional stances, was able to assist in reaching a full and final settlement of all issues between them. Well done! I will definitely keep Andy Flink at the top of my list of mediators."

~ Bill Fletcher, Gibson, Deal, Fletcher and Dunham, P.C.

“Andy is a very effective mediator who helps bring the parties together for a successful resolution. He's willing to stay until the job is done and get creative.”

~ Paige Jennings, Attorney